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correction,ectasy,No offense peanut..i read it wrong!!! thank you for honoring me in your post!! i have been absent on this post,my apologies,but you know where my heart is..and always has been since i was little about animals,and always will be..some folks think it's a weakness,i think it's a strong point!! lol,chris

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I know that several of our members here are dedicated animal lovers (Chris is the first that comes to mind!) The Animal Rescue Site is having difficulty getting enough people to click in each day. Without those clicks, less food is getting donated to shelters for homeless animals. Please give some thought to bookmarking this site and clicking on it each day. It only takes a couple of seconds and it's free. Take a moment to make a difference! heartpump


This is such a great cause, and a great thread. As an animal lover and "Mama" to two rescued cats, I feel it's worth bringing it back to remind EC members to visit this site daily and....


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Guest Fresh

Kim, I was unaware of this site. Being that I have had dogs continuously since childhood, and love them, I will be sure to click the site daily. Thank you for bringing this worthy cause some needed attention.

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