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Favorite Comic Strips--Your Top 3


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The Phantom?!? Ha! I have a funny story about the time I worked with Billy Zane in the milk campaign. Billy had apparently been a fan of the Phantom growing up and lobbied to play the role. When we were on set, the photographer (Annie Leibovitz!) came up to me and said Billy had a problem with the copy in the ad. "What problem could he have with the copy in the ad?" I asked. So, Billy walked over in full Phantom makeup and costume and said, "The Phantom wouldn't say this." I'm serious. He was telling me a comic strip character wouldn't say what we had written. Hahahaha! Funny, but 100% true!


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1) Calvin and Hobbes

2) The Far Side

3) Pearls before Swine

Same as Bernies. I've posted a few Pearls before Swine on my fridge cuz they totally crack me up.

I was honored that "Pearls Before Swine" did a milk mustache parody a year or so ago. I received a pretty cool original sketch of his characters along with a letter from Stephan Pastis, the artist of that strip. It's an incredibly funny comic strip. Check it out if you're not familiar with it!


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