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Buying a car is a drag!

Captain Harlock

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Try Craigslist - there are always good deals out there, you just may have to spend more time finding one than you'd like. You might be able to pick up a nice car from someone who needs to 'downsize' in order to keep up the mortgage payments!!


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We picked up a good car for the kids to drive for $2,000. a Ford Taurus wagon, 1994, 118,000 miles. There is the Newburgh Auto Auction in Newburgh, NY - if you know anything about cars or can bring someone with you who does, it's great place to pick up a car like a lease turn in or a fleet car from a rental place or hotel courtesy car.

Buy a car at the end of the month when dealers want to get rid of a car rather than continue to pay insurance on it.

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Now is a great time to be buying a new car if it is at all in your budget. The end of the model year is here and the dealers want the 2007's off the lots, many are selling them at invoice, and a few below just to make the sale-they need the numbers at this late date profit is secondary.

If you are in South Florida my son is selling cars at a Audi/VW dealership, at least until classes start, then he cuts his hours back. He'll get you a good deal.

This end Adam's mom's commercial laugh

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