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Poppy Family

Matthew C. Clark

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I was bidding on a "mirror" of Terry Jacks Greatest Hits Into The Past on eBay the other day. One eBay member sent me a mail offering a better mirror at a cost of shipping. I didn't take the mail seriously first time. But the price of the miller I was bidding reached US$16.00 and I withdrew from the auction. During the next auction of the same seller, I again received a mail from the same eBay member (Canadian). We traded out-of-prints. Now I've got Terry's Greatest Hits Into The Past and Poppy Family Greatest Hits featuring Susan Jacks happy

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Imagine my surprise when browsing through the CD section of my local library on Saturday, I came across "A Good Thing Lost 1968-1973" - the best of the Poppy Family. I guess the cd is not quite so out-of-print. The compilation contains all the best known songs as well as some of Susan Jacks' solo material.


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