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Top 10 Favorite Christmas Pop Songs


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I noticed your song Marvin, and I was going to write to ask you if you'd post it for us to listen to. None of us are able to list it in our "top 10" if we've never heard it before.

As for Christmas songs - has anyone ever heard Meryn Cadell's "Cat Christmas Carol"? It's the saddest song in the world - I forbid my husband to play it every year as it always gets me crying. It's about a cat who sacrifices it's life for a mouse to live. My husband plays it every Christmas and has a good cry. You can't give a bigger gift at Christmas than to sacrifice your life so that someone (or something) else will live. Tearing up just thinking of it...

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What? No "Baby It's Cold Outside"? Did you ever hear Dean Martin's version? Classic. And now James Taylor has a really nice version out on his Hallmark Christmas CD. And Jovie singing that song in the shower in a duet with Buddy from the movie Elf.

Favorite all time song for me though, has to be "Happy XMas/War is Over" by John and Yoko. "Do They Know It's Christmas" by Band Aid is right up there, too. Anything by the Carpenters and of course Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas".

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Bernie-I'll join you on that Angel road trip. I know that I had one of their albums on cassette in the late 70's- I might still have it. I used to play the hell out of it. I was on Amazon.com looking but I think the one I had was "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" which is out of print and only an album is available at $50. Might order the Anthology just to remember the songs. smile

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I heard the saddest, most beautiful country song today--about a little boy buying shoes for his mother for Christmas. The lyrics are something like: "These shoes are just her size, I know they'll make her smile. She's been sick a long time, Dad says there's not much time. I want Mom to look beautiful when she meets Jesus tonight..." It had me in such tears...Does anyone know the song or artist? Someone here will, I'm sure. It was a male country artist, and there was a little boy singing on it at the end. *Very* heartrending.

smile --Darlene

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"Hey Santa" Wilson sisters (great choice Larry)

"Grown Up Christmas List" Amy Grant

"Breath of Heaven" Amy Grant

"Emmanuel" Amy Grant

"Closing of the Year" Toys Soundtrack-Wendy and Lisa

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Johnny Mathis"

"Chrsitmas Song" Nat King Cole

"Thank You Very Much" Scrooge Soundtrack

"Come Home For Christmas" David Gates

"Merry Christmas" Butch Walker bootleg

I want to hear Marvin's X-mas collection!

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Darlene - If yo like the shoe song, you should try to get the cat christmas carol too. Damn saddest song in the whole world.

On the flip side, on the radio this morning everyone was trashing 'Silent Night' by Stevie Nicks - sounds like gargling chainsaws. Why do singers think they can sing the classics? There are SO many examples of Christmas songs being ruined by bad singer - anything by Mariah Carrey comes to mind.

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Oh Matt "classic" is a pretty strong word so be careful how you throw it around. Mariah's song

"Emotions" is a rip-off of "Best of My Love" by the Emotions. Listen to them back to back and tell me if it's not a coincidence that Mariah's song is titled the same as the name of the band that did the other song.


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