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Doris Day Versus Beyonce


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On Sunday I woke up early and started channel surfing.I happened across "Pillow Talk" starring "Rock Hudson","Tony Randall" and the inimitable "Doris Day" on "AMC".This chick could sing,act,do comedy,...much like Beyonce today.She is beautiful and a national treasure IMHO.

Look at this scene from "Pillow Talk"...a 1959 film where the equally under-rated "Rock Hudson" pretends to be a Texas Yokel to seduce Doris...Teriffic! IMHO!


This lady is so cool!

At a point in time she chose to grow old gracefully in California and not appear in stupid cameos and infomercials.

She emerged briefly to support her pal Rock Hudson when he was dying of AIDS...and has made ocassional statements supporting animals rights.,..But otherwise has chosen to remain away from the spotlight...and to be remembered as Hollywood Royalty...Which indeed she is.

For your consideration...Doris Day...A classy Lady,-Ira.

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Speaking from a woman's point of view I loved Doris Day. The outfits she wore in "Touch of Mink" were to die for. She was always someone who seemed to have it all together although I seem to recall a story about an ex-husband who bilked her out of millions. She is and always will be a national treasure.

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Thanks Barbara...I too remember...bein' a little kid....loving that song...singing along...and wondering "How does "Qe Sera Sera" mean what wil be will be"?

Then I started going to Yeshiva and learned that that que sera sera was actually Hebrew for what will be...will be. smartwink ?

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Hey this is pretty cool!.

Here's my first wife Doris Day...(BTW we're still friends)...doing the tune that Mama Cass scored big with years later...."Dream A Little Dream Of Me".

Ain't it really nice when divorced people can still get along for the sake of the kids?

BTW I happen to know that GMan and his "EX"...Kim Novak....also still get along real well for the sake of THEIR kids. happy

Any-Hoo Here's Doris's version of "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"-Enjoy!-Ira.


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