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I don't watch that much football and I don't know much about the teams, but I discovered the Browns this season when they played the Giants. My husband said the Giants would win so I went with the Browns and I was so impressed with their energy--I actually watched the game.

Some of the highlights to me were that the quarterback seemed to be able to put the ball anywhere he wanted.

The UFO play.

With every snap the Browns were in the Giants' faces.

And the best one-how 92 dogged Eli Manning. Every time he got the chance he put Manning on the ground. :P

Like I said, I don't know much about the teams and I don't really watch the games, but now I've been keeping up with the Browns.

Are they playing the Titans this December? I'll be pulling for the Browns.

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While I feel it's a long time coming in starting Quinn, why would they do it on such a short week (Browns play Thursday)? Wouldn't you want him to get a full week's practice in? Crennel needs to save his job is the reason this is happening. Anderson lit up the vaunted Ravens defense for 27 points and he gets benched NOW? Odd timing, for sure.

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Solid debut for Brady, 239 yards and two touchdowns, but Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow need some glue on their hands and the Cleveland defense couldn't stop a high school team at this point. Don't know his name, but number 22 needs to find a new career, after getting torched for a 93 yard TD, then the game winning TD (while he was on the ground), and also dropped an easy interception. Romeo, oh Romeo, where will thou be working soon? This team needs some discipline!

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