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Letterman or Leno?


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Just curious...Years after the original Late Night Wars...These 2 guys have become icons.

Leno regularly outdraws Letterman.

I,personally find Leno to be in the Bob Hope tradition...Incredibly glib and professional with no real soul.

Letterman-to me-is wonderfully subversive with an effervescent child-like glee.

I'll take glee and subversive over glib and professional.

Who do you guys like better...Jay or Dave?-Ira.

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Paulie..Our first fight.

I think there's much more to Letterman's world view than his anti-Leno angst.

I think he's incredibly witty and soulful and Leno is glib and professional..but all showbiz with no inner fire.

Anyhoo that's my take and I welcome dissenting opinions.-Ira.

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I think you have to be an American to like either of these guys. At my workplace no one likes either of them. I think Kiwi's often find American humour over the top and so even good shows have to be pretty special to gain many New Zealanders approval. I suspect it is an age thing too. Younger people seem to enjoy your shows better than older ones.

Having said that in the past there have been great shows we really loved.

AS for the Leno Letterman thing... If I have to make a choice I think Letterman gets the nod. But then I hardly watch it anyway.

Muzza cool

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Letterman....really can't stand Leno.

I agree wink I've always been a Letterman fan, from day one ~ kinda miss the old days, though. It used to be that I couldn't wait to watch Dave..I honestly still really enjoy him, and would take him over Leno anyday, but it's not quite the same as it was, the past few years :P

That being said, I find Letterman to be more my cup of tea ~ lol!

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