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Top 10 Sarah Palin VP Positives:

Tony Cartmill

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She´s against the right to abortion but she defends the capital punishment(I defend the right to abortion and I´d abort if I´m raped,if my life is in danger if I have the baby or if I notice I´m pregnant and I´d abort inmediately after knowing I´m pregnant,when the baby is still an embryo)

Carmen, Sweet Carmen, I need you and some other (common-sense-chromosome-missing-in-the-brain) liberals to understand the difference between Pro-Life and Capital Punishment:

Pro-Life: believes that a baby, or potential baby growing inside, is an innocent unprotected being, and deserves a chance to be born and experience life. But usually, if the life of the mother is in danger, or the pregnancy happened because of rape/incest, exceptions can be made.

Capital Punishment: Killing, with little or no pain, someone who was convicted of planning and executing the cold-blooded murder of another person, usually with much pain and suffering from the victim. Some people have this crazy idea that the MURDERER deserves PUNISHMENT that FITS THE CRIME!

So the next time you try to lump those 2 types of death as the same thing...Get a magic marker, go to the mirror, and write "Stupid" on your forehead, and go out on the town clubbing! wink :p

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Originally posted by Tony Cartmill:


#11. She inspired a new acronym: GILF


Wow, Bernie! Be careful... The EC.com girls will be gettin' after you! haha

That said, I can't resist posting this web address: It's a slideshow of the "hottest celebrity moms." Don't miss the first one --- or the 7th one....


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Originally posted by LC:

Wow, Bernie! Be careful... The EC.com girls will be gettin' after you!
That's right, LC. I could be saying this thread is going to a "place that I'm not comfortable with". Sound familiar?? But,hey, I don't want to be a party pooper and spoil the fun for you guys! After all, I guess it would be flattering to be on the MILF list!!! eye
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Heh...I sense panic in this thread. Heh.

I'm still trying to find "panic" in this thread, but... no sign of it. Ultimately, I think Americans will make the right choice, even if large numbers end up drinking the "Palin-ade."

People just have to do the right thing --- and the smart thing smart : Vote for the most qualified ticket, the one best suited to serve in the most demanding job in the world.

It was common knowledge in 2000 that a lot of people voted for GW Bush because they would rather have a beer in the local pub with him than with Al Gore. I think even Bush voters now realize that was a huge boner. Today, a lot of folks (hi, boys) might be attracted to McCain's ticket because he chose a young, attractive woman as his running mate. But just like a vote for Bush never got you that beer in the local pub with "W," a vote for McCain doesn't mean you'll be hooking up with Sarah anytime soon. Or ever. frown Sorry, Tony. Sorry, H-65....

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Of course Mellie. There are certain goups of people who feel they are much smarter than everybody else. These mistaken people are the same folks who feel the govt should take care of everythings for the people of this country.I mean aside from themselves...the people are just to stupid to manage their own lives.

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So, if you vote for McCain/Palin, you're shallow. If you vote Obama/Biden you're smart because uhhhhhhhhhh????? (duh?????????????)

Well, Mellie, I wasn't connecting those dots, my friend, but... I can see how one would. My real point was the first one I made: Vote for whichever candidate you truly believe is best suited to fill the job. That's all. It sounds simple and obvious, but it's good to remind ourselves. I do realize that a lot of folks will make the case for McCain, of course. I really like him and admire him; I just think he's better suited for a different job --- like, Executive Maverick, or something....

To sum up all my posts on this hot topic:

1] I've always been a Democrat... but would vote Republican if I felt the candidate was better.

2] The one person I thought was most qualified didn't run, so I seriously considered both parties this year --- until McCain's VP selection.

3] I love the fact that McCain chose a woman VP candidate. That's a positive. My 9-year-old daughter was REALLY excited that Hillary Clinton was running; even though she couldn't beat Obama, I love the fact that the younger generation knows that the presidency isn't just a man's job. As for Sarah P., I just don't think she has the necessary experience. This isn't like being Brett Favre's backup QB for four years, not with a 72-year-old president.

4] That said, a friend of mine (a woman) was incensed that Sarah P. made such a blatant appeal to Hillary's supporters. It's like: "Hillary's a woman, and I'm a woman, so of course you'll vote for my ticket now." As if all women are interchangeable. My friend was insulted by that, and Hillary should be, and I can see why.

5] Even though the selection of Sarah iced my vote for the "good guys," I will admit that I'm not totally, unequivocally sold on Obama/Biden. But those are our choices --- unless we want to write in a vote for, say, Al Gore.

6] Finally, I acknowledge again, H-65, that Sarah P. is the best-looking candidate we've ever had for president or VP.

Isn't this fun?

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