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The movie 'The Happening'.....


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'the village' is one of my fav movies of all time. the guy knows how to imply horror subtly - hope this one's not an in-your-face version of his concept of inducing fear

if you ever rent 'the village', be sure to check out the extras - it includes his first home movie he ever made, when he was around 10 yrs old, w/ a little indiana jones for inspiration & starring himself & his 'terrifying' german shepherd

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I like scarey movies but this one i won't be seeing anytime soon it's Way to scarey for me

hahaha. I saw it on Tv and at 12:00am and it was messed up!!!I Found out the cilp i saw they only showed it one time on Tv because it was so gross & messed up...I can't even find it on the Internet =O

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I like Scary movies too, but I am not a fan of the slasher type that is all the rage today.

Funny thing about scary movies is that I now go alone... My big tough cop husband won't go to scary movies anymore.

I had to sit there by my self while he would go to get Popcorn 5 or 6 times during the movie.

Too many years of seeing the real stuff I guess.

Hi Annie

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When we went to see "13 Ghosts" my husband continually got up and went to the concession stand, bathroom, to stretch his legs....

He finally confessed that it scared the you-know-what out of him!! haha

I can't get him to watch "Jeepers Creepers" at all!!

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