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What some people will SELL and BUY on EBay !!


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PErsonaqlly, I want to sell my landlord right now for an amazing dollar, U.S. or Canadian. I've very little cold water to mix with my hot! LOL!

"There's now showers in Ontario, Canada!"

Can I sell my old T.V., too? It has to be bashed to work.

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I most surely wish frown

My old one-bedroom apatment that once went for 530.00 is now going for 800.00! Someone up-graded the place and now I can't afford it. Must've sold the roaches to Tony's new deli!

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My best friend (and I use that term loosely) Dom once had the band Nashville P*ssy stay with him in his townhouse for several days, between DC and Philadelphia gigs. They literally ate and drank everything in his place, and ran up long-distance phone bills of close to $300.....without mentioning this latter fact to him before they moved on. Next time through DC, about 3-4 months later, they called him to ask if they could stay with him...and he wisely turned them down, as they had some friends from Spain with them (the band The Pleasure F*ckers), and God knows what kind of phone bills would have been run up!

Anyhow, the band found out why (a certain member of this board may or may not have told them after the DC gig that time!....), and Corey Parks, their 6'3" female bass player (sister of former Duke/NBA player Cherokee Parks, BTW...), known for breathing fire on stage (pre-Great White burning up the club days...), as an apology, sent Dom a pair of her worn panties. (He had the big time hots for her....it could have been the classy "Eat Me" tattoo on her lower belly, with the arrow pointing downward...).

Dom immediately put them on ebay, along with the letter Corey sent him with the panties. As a bonus, he threw in three Nashville P*ssy singles. Punchline - He got close to $100 as a winning bid (around $97.50, I think).....true story.

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