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whats for dinner?


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An ugly tomato is a heirloom tomato that tastes wonderful but doesn't pass the constraints of the Official Code of appearance all tomatoes sent to market from Florida must pass.They are irregular in shape and too many wrinkles.

So we are lucky to keep all the uglyripe(the official name) tomatoes that are grown here.

Are you sorry you asked? wink

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Anybody up for some baked ziti?? I just made a nice big tray of it. That's Exit 14A on The Jersey Turnpike if you're interested...There's plenty for everyone!

Gee.... I musta missed Exit 14A. confused All there is in front of me is a whole lot of Pacific Ocean. grin

Muzza cool

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Hey Muzz...Exit 14A is a looooooooong way from The Pacific Ocean....but we're pretty close to The Atlantic. Don't fret Muzz. I'll save Kiwi and yourself a nice big plate of it! And MissM...don't tell me you're eating California Pizza???? God help you! LOL

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MissM....barbecue chicken pizza??? Now that's just wrong!! Don't start getting all west coast on me. Do you guys also have pineapple petunia pizza too. Oh Madonne! God help us all.

Kiwi...next time you guys are in The States...I will personally make you some real Italian food!

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