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whats for dinner?


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hmmm.....chocolate mini donuts for me. Not a very good choice--especially after spending part of the day in the ER with chest pains!

My bad.....


Oh, the vicious circle! You eat too many CHOCOLATE MINI DONUTS, you get chest pains, you go to the ER, you start feeling better, you celebrate feeling better by eating TOO MANY CHOCOLATE MINI DONUTS, you get chest pains... spin
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'K--I have a better meal planned tonight! I am roasting a pan of veggies in the oven. For those that are curious, I cut up some potatoes, onion, cauliflower, broccoli, celery and carrots in a metal baking pan. I sprinked it with some extra light EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and then I sprinkled it with an envelope of powdered ranch dressing mix. I am baking it in a 400 degree oven for 40 minutes or so and will stir it up a few times.

For dessert? Why, chocolate mini donuts of course!!!!



P.S.: feeling better today. Doc was more concerned that I was throwing a clot. Heart is fine, lungs are fine (as far as not having an embolism), asthma--not so fine. I need to get back on track with my health--I know that, just having some issues with motivation!!!

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Julie, I'm a fellow asthmatic and am already feeling it with the damp weather. (Spring and fall are usually hard on me.) Take care and drop me a line whenever you need motivation, ok? I'm always looking for good vegetable recipes so I'm going to say thank you and give yours a try!

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Family all together tonight.....so I made penne with meatballs! I used the last of my sauce.....so I'll make more this weekend!

OK... translation please for this Kiwi bloke :rolleyes: ..

What's PENNE ? confused Kiwi probably knows but she's still at work.

Muzza cool

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It's Monday night, I'm on my own, so it's escargot, sauteed in olive oil (plus a little coconut oil to give it a non-dairy buttery flavor), garlic, white wine, fresh thyme, salt & pepper, served on top of baby spinach that was sauteed in the same pan.


Whole meal cost (not counting wine): $6-7

(I always keep most of these ingredients on hand for other cooking.)

Hey! That's an idea! A great way to use this thread would be to share our ECONOMICAL meal ideas... Whuddya think?

(I realize tonight's choice may not appeal to all (or any) of you, but...)

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chicken mediterranean wraps..

the girls have fun making them...and yeah..I'm watching what i eat the next four weeks

take a wrap....spread some sundried tomato pesto, chop up some goat cheese and grilled chicken breasts.....finish with some spinach leaves....wrap....slice in two and enjoy. (I need to drop another 7-10 lbs before 10/22/09).

Bonnie likes this with a glass or two of "J" Pinot Noir. Personally I wouldn't mind a nice 22 oz beer right now! frown

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White Castle Hamburgers.. LuvLove

I so love them!

But even more important, I have to appear in public tomorrow where many females will be present. And this can be dangerous for James.

Luckily, White Castle hamburgers king.. will again be there to protect me.

You see, White Castle hamburgers induce a certain chemical reaction in humans, that when harnessed correctly, can be adapted to an important human use. Namely as a stalker repellant for males like me (James), who are dangerously at risk from stalking chicks.

Thank you White Castle Hamburgers.


James smart


Fellas at Risk From Stalker Chicks, Inc.

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