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whats for dinner?


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Is everybody ready???/ Today is Bonnie's birthday. LuvLovebirthday

We're actually celebrating Saturday with dinner at Ruth's Chris. So tonight...I pulled out all my culinary stops.........we're having Subway (Eat Fresh) LOL... Hey I splurged for the $5 foot longs. (What a guy).

Our schedules are a little wacky today! Not to worry though........cake a little later tonight!


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Stuck with leftovers last night, had Indian for lunch... tonight I'm flying solo for dinner. I'm feeling steaky, but I'm not going to spring for Ruth's Chris. Maybe a local neighborhood steak and a pint.

Salsa dancing late tonight. Not crazy about the music, but the little woman loves it. LuvLove (Besides we took lessons so...)

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Going out to dinner tonight for Bonnie's B-Day. Ruth's Chris in Naples. One way of saving on your bill there is to bring your own high end wine...there's no corking fee. So you'll save the usual 100% percent markup. (It'll save us $75). I also call ahead to see if my favorite waiter is on duty on the night I want to go. It's an early dinner...so we'll have time to take in the gorgeous sunset at the pier afterward.

Hey it's a recession you know!(Too bad I can't make my own grey goose martini there. LOL)


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