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1000 Places to see....


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I would like to go to Australia for the diving and hiking.

ColoradoGal- I have been to Mesa Verde, it is wonderful.

Marv- I agree, Victoria is a beautiful city

Gene- Zion is one of my favorite places. Used to go every Spring.

Billy K-Watch your language when you talk about Thailand!

Oh yeah, I want to see Cleveland too- certain 'conditions' permitting.

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Cleveland - Severence Hall

Sayreville, NJ - A certain couple's house - who shall remain nameless

New Zealand




I have visited Mesa Verde and it is very nice. My husband and I love Colorado - visited several times over the last few years with our children!


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I have seen a couple of books with similar titles. But I think it really should be "1000 Places to *Experience*", not "see". We shouldn't just be watching.

Anyway, my ambition is to downhill ski on every continent. I've nailed 3 already (N. America, Europe, Africa), so I need...

New Zealand (South Island, of course)

India (or Hokkaido, Japan)

Chile (Portillo, probably)

Antarctica (if it can be done in a responsible way)

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posted 03-15-2007 11:55 PM


* Tuscany, Italy (my roots)

* Egypt

* Israel

* An African Safari

* Hawaii

* Severence Hall, Ohio (with a "certain someone" at a "certain piano" belting out all my "certain favorite songs")

I thought Dianed's roots were grey...

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