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1000 Places to see....


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Montreal in the summer - the most European, cultural and liveliest city in Canada, a hot-bed for music and all forms of entertainment.

Banff or Lake Louise, Alberta, anytime - two of the most picturesque towns you'll ever see

Vancouver or Victoria, British Columbia - arguably the most beautiful cities in North America.


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"Percy Sledge exibit, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame"

Dammit, I was just in Cleveland 2 weekends ago, and I just went to the R&RHOF to look for CDs/books in the gift shop....I KNEW there was something I forgot to see!!!!

Just wondering what his exhibit consists of, other than various hair care products.......

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I went there in 1993..flew into Durango...rode my bike to Silverton (ran out of physical gas at the last mountain pass and hitchedhiked a ride in for the last couple miles)....biked to Ouray and then back to Silverton...trained from Silverton back to Durango...took a day group tour to Mesa Verde....and then flew to Santa Fe for Fiesta weekend..

There's a ton of places I want to see, but if I had a couple months, I'd go to Africa and try to absorb the poverty, politics, culture etc. as best you can in a short period of time. And as dessert maybe tour the Sarangetti over the last week.

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I know where I want to visit once again with a certain group of people

Cleveland House of Blues

Chicago House of Blues

BB Kings in NYC

Jacksonville House of Blues

Orlando House of Blues

Dallas House of Blues

Las Vegas House of Blues

LA House of Blues

and whatever HOB available in let's say June, July, August of 2007

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