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Toby Beau


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Billy you got the lyric for the chorus right. When I heard that single back in 1978/79, I was sold on the group. I was (still am) really into the Eagles and CSN etc., and when I first heard "My Angel Baby", I thought "Hmm..it's almost Eagle-ish. I'll give it a shot." The album was ok, but it sounded more like Pure Prairie League than the Eagles.

Their second album had a cover of the old song, "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye."

Ted the opening lyric on "My Angel Baby" was:

"We've got trouble, something's just not right..."


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There is a CD from Collectibles at: www.oldies.com called "My Angel Baby: The Very Best Of Toby Beau" which came out in April of 1999 & still available. The group first & biggest hit "My Angel Baby" went to # 13 (Hot 100) & # 1 (1 week) (AC Charts) back on August 12, 1978. The next single "Into The Night" went to # 108 (1 week) (Bubbling Under) back on October 28, 1978. The next single, the remake of the Casinos 1967 hit "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" went to # 57 (Hot 100) & # 7 (AC Charts) back in September of 1979. The next single "If I Were You" went to # 70 (Hot 100) back in July of 1980. That song was also done by singer Lulu which her version went to # 44 (Hot 100) & # 27 (AC Charts) back in January of 1982. On the Top 200 Album Charts, the debut album went to # 40 back in September of 1978. The follow up "More Than A Love Song" went to # 204 (Bubbling Under) back in September of 1979. Matt

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Yeah, that was a great slow-dance song, for sure...what also is interesting, is, despite their mostly country-oriented mellow rock, they are listed on the "Directory of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal" book......so apparently, at one time they did something of these genres at one point, and did get a sense of respect from the metal community.....ironically, since most of the Toby Beau stuff is anything but metal.

And to the "other" Billy....we think the same way.

.....I also thought Toby Beau was a solo artist and not a group name.....

Although I have not heard them do a cover of that Casinos tune, I can certainly visualize it as it is in the same vein as "My Angel Baby".

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