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Girls Night Out ???


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Do any of you ladies have a group of friends that meet for a Girls Night Out/in ?

I Love my husband and sons....

But, I need time to be with to be with the girls.

Our favorite line.. which MUST be said at least once each time we meet is, "This is the Most Fun I've Ever had". Often at inopportune times, as in when the waiter spilled a pitcher of beer in one of the girls bags.


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Once a year I get together with 3 of my girlfriends and we go on a "road trip" usually to Chicago for a day of shopping. We leave Saturday morning, drive down, check into a hotel, shop, go out for dinner and drinks, go back to the hotel, then hang out and catch up with each others lives. Sunday on the way home we usually stop at IKEA or some outlet malls.

Our line when it's over - Why is it we don't we do this more often?

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There are 12 to 20 that meet regularly.

Sometimes we go out but usually we stay in,

We started out by playing Bunco.

We each host one month, for the girls that are shy about hosting, one of us help her by co-hosting.

Now we play if we feel like it, if we don't... we just talk, laugh, eat, have a glass of wine or cocktail or two.

We always have a designated driver

It's Better than therapy


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Most of my time out is with my daughters for lunch and shopping. What I need is COUPLES TIME OUT!!! After 28 yrs of marriage with an extremely high-pressure family we've been working on reconnecting with each other on a completely different level. It's so bad our doctor actually wrote out a vacation for us on a prescription script!!!

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Tonight is Girls Night In/Out for Me and My friends.

How about Next Friday Night, The ladies of EC Meet in the Chat Room for

Girls night In ? 9pm

Bring your own favorite drinks and snacks

The theme ? Pretty In Pink? St Patrick's day ? Tarzan?....

We can decide the details later is anyone is interested.


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James.. I think you are on to something... Its discrimination or something like that. Must be a law against it somewhere. :rolleyes:

And HT....James and I can cope with you talking about us as we know you always say nice things about us. laugh Its the other topics we're interested in. It's all part of our sincere efforts to understand women.. winkhappyLuvLove

Muzza cool

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