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Musicians: how do you handle the attention?


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Hi all - i was reading the "bar days" thread and it got me to thinking:

I've been to many concerts at big arenas, and small venues and bars like everyone else. I've seen the girls who will do anything to get with their favorites.

SO: how do musicians handle the groupies? How do you handle the traveling? How can you tell a sincerely interested person from a star-struck one?

Feel free to tell the stories in the third person:

ex: "well, it never happened to ME but I had a friend who had the funniest fan encounter..."

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I would guess very few "groupies" actually wind up in a long term relationship with objects of their adoration, but then again, I could be wrong. I could never have been a groupie--I was painfully shy, so I don't really know.

I would guess that fun on the road doesn't necessarily result in a long relationship. I remember that Wally met Kay because she worked for a record company--she was in the music business. I don't know of any other examples though, except that none of the guys in my band married women they met at gigs. I dated a guy from another band for four years, but never dated anyone I met at a gig either.

smile --Darlene

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"And a true musician/artist would first and easily connect with the soul of an appoaching groupie. How she appeared would have no bearing in his interest."

Oh...pardon my being so naive (or being a hetero guy)....now, about those musicians who have wound up with, shall we say, less than physically attractive groupies?????....Funny, I can't think of one, either......

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