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how did we find each other?

what made us such good friends?

why did we learn to lean on each other?

shoulder to shoulder...again and again

those precious days behind us

time passes and we've grown apart

still i know i would have been much less

without your friendship in my heart

when i think about you these days

i think about a time so sweet

when the only thing we had to know

we were friends because we needed to be

(2009 db michel)

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No revision Timid Tony...

If i had said "we were friends only because we needed to be...i could see your point...But as it stands it means what i want it to me (but is of course open for interpretation)...

As for the rhyme...I am not one to go for strict rhyming schemes...I have songwriting friends who do...and they sometimes come up with some really bizarre lines just to keep the rhyming scheme perfect...In this case for continuities sake...I cheat!

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Thanks Darlene!...That one was really meant as a short poem...rather than a lyric...because i compressed it so much...Going so fast from premise to payoff...If i decide to make a song out of it i'll have to expand it to explain more of the why things turned out that way part of it...Of course that would require me to spend more than 10 minutes writing time that i did in doing the first part!

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