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Of all of Bruce's songs.....


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Dont turn on me Wendy...I stuck up for you when everybody hated you...

NEVER and yes you were there when I was sooooo hated by all! But Lewis...Bruce SANG my name... Wendy. Ok, technically it's Wendy-Ann but he had to edit the song. You know...time constraints and such. wink
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I sang your name tonite, also...Dosent that count?..And, of course, I'll never forget how you sang my name to the whole world on your myspace...

At least I sang your name on key...

But you didn't sing it in front of more than a bazillion people. But you get an A for effort and thanks for singing it on key.

Righty-ho...I fear this may become mindless dribble, cause sometimes Wendy and Lew = Blah, blah, blah. So, off to bed I go. I'm tired after my vacation... zzz

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