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USA Deportation list: Who deserves the boot?

Tony Cartmill

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You don't deport somebody just because the blue hairs are the only ones who find him cool.

Barry's a cornball music man, but he stays.

We need to focus back to booting the people who are purposely endangering this country with their biased and/or irresponsible words and actions.

Even though we can't legally deport them, we are here to expose the turncoats, the enemy within...And create solutions to real problems and threats...And not just complain about everything without alternative solutions...like the left-wing whiners I speak of.

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By the way, if anyone's keeping score, we've imported five people and deported 41 PLUS the Enron exec committee, PLUS al-Qaeda sleeper cells, PLUS all of NBC, which puts the count into the thousands.

Actually, I almost forgot: There was a Pierson note to export everybody and start over. That would mean sending out all 298,122,576 of us (per current U.S. census figure)... And the United States starts over with a population of Bono, Roger Federer, Israeli statesman Shimon Peres, Marvin, and JuliaAllByMyself. Julia, your hands will be full. But maybe you can get Bono to sing "One" for ya.

In the meantime, at least Raspberries would be included among the 300 million of us on the way out. Liverpool, anyone?

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God, if this thread weren't (wasn't?) so damn funny, I'd hightail it off this board so fast the door wouldn't have a chance to hit me in the ass!

A proposed solution if the deportations don't work....I think some of you guys need to buy lots of guns, food, and water, then move somewhere out west and live in a basement, sitting, watching, and waiting for "them" (you know, those who want a "revolution")......

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I´d deport George W Bush,Condi,Cheney,Bill O´Reilly,AnnCoutler,Rush Limbaugh,the Neo Cons,...

Thanks Cozmik,I love when an American is a liberal and isn´t ashamed to tell it..Don´t forget to play up to Tony and James because they will kill you if you don´t do it.

Then I´d deport Michael Bolton,Kennny G,The guy who produced Starship´s Knee Deep In The Hoopla,Celine Dion,Lucie Silvas(an European soft AC singer),

and here in Spain I´d deport Aznar,Angel Acebes,Eduardo Zaplana,Mariano Rajoy,Federico Jimenez Losantos,Cesar Vidal,Pio Moa,Nacho Villa and more Spanish Neo cons.

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Bill O'Reilly doesn't belong on that close-minded right wing list, Carmen. The rest do. Once again, you don't watch or listen to Bill O'Reilly, you just read the slanted blogs from people who hate him because he exposes the little secret agenda that they are up to. Bill engages in open debate with all sides, unless they are character assasins. And he seems rude and in-your-face sometimes, because of TV/radio time constraints and to stay focused on the subject. Plus, he's really full of himself...

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we all know this is fun!!! i totally agree w/tommy tunes comments...although some of the ideas/people deserve to be booted...give peace a chance ..nuff said,though many people still do'nt get it,this is america after all..we can still laugh at cartoons..they're not meant to be taken THAT seriously!!!....if that was the case,we would have all been dead from the older cartoons ala bugs bunny during the w.w. 2 era..not to mention the 3 stooges..etc. lol.chris

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