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USA Deportation list: Who deserves the boot?

Tony Cartmill

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I'll start with 2:

Jimmy Carter and Ramsey Clark:

Carter, one of our least effective presidents ever, now travels the world embracing groups like the murderous Hammas and dictators like America-hating Hugo Chavez. Then, he never misses a chance to tell everybody that America shares the blame for every problem in the world, because we don't give more of our money and resources(Jimmy, last time I checked, we were trillions in debt already) to every poor nation in the world. Jimmy loves to bash our current administration, but as a former president during a time of war, he is clueless that his words are feeding and encouraging our enemies to continue their fight and kill our people. He seems to want this theoretical One World Order so bad, he doesn't care if his own country gets hurt in the process...Boot him!

Ramsey Clark, former attorney general under Jeeeeeimmy Carter: Runs around the world like the dumbest ambulance chasing lawyer, trying to defend the worst enemies of the USA like Sadaam, in order to expose to the world any actions that might embarrass the USA. It doesn't seem to matter what evils his clients have commited...As long as he can "stick it" to his own country...Boot him!

Your turn...

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Wuz Uuup?

I voted for Reagan but always liked Carter as a human being and former president. Until the last few years because of the type of things Tony mentioned.....he's now on my "disgusting" list. Clinton p's me off and has an ultra-ego problem...but on the important issues he seems to act responsibly most of the time.

Jesse Jackson, as the most prominent black leader for the last 25+ years, has been instrumental in promoting a victim mentality in the people he claims to lead. What a disgrace,.. that at a time when the playing field has opened up to the black community (post Brown vs. Bd, Civil Rights Act & Voting Rights Act, MLKing's campaigns etc.), it's so-called leaders have worked to weaken their people by promoting this victim/dependant mentality.

Fredrick Douglas, Booker Washington, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King etc. worked their asses off to create a society where blacks would have a CHANCE to succeed. And when this CHANCE becomes a reality, Rev. Jackson & his fraternity,..instead of emboldening their people to take advantage of the situation, entrap their people in this victim/dependant mindset. If I had a 10 year old black kid as an adopted son.... I'd keep him out of sight and earshot of this Reverend Jackson....

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Oh...and at or very near the top of my personal deportation list would have to be Fantasia. And I mean the screecher - I mean, singer (??) - not the movie.

When is someone ever going to put a muzzle on that woman??!! crazy

I'll sign off now that I've ruffled enough feathers for one evening...

(Aren't all of you glad I resisted the urge to post my rant about the people performing in the Sly Stone tribute on the Grammies? smilie )

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As for the Olsen twins. I have to keep them here or my daughter would never forgive me. She's been a fan since they were 9 months old.

I won't stop anyone for getting rid of Kenny G or Michael Bolton though. Just the thought of the two of them together in the same sentence gives me great physical pain in my......well, never mind where.

Sugar (BF)

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i agree w/ Bob Allen's Ted Kennedy choice, but not the guy who made "Do The Right Thing" (although Spike sometimes doesn't know when to shut his mouth)....

Better choices:

Sean Hannity, Nancy Grace, Dominick Dunne, Alan Combs, Tom Cruise, Ann Coulter (actually she should be A-1 on the list), Tucker Carlson, Al Sharpton, Paul Begalia (sp?)

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Amen, Anne G.....we in Seattle are close to the border, and get it.

Deport any CEO who votes himself a raise, while crying bankruptcy who cuts employee wages and benefits.....and specifically deport them all to Chernobyl.

Most of the film and record industry executives.

Any guy with a gorgeous celebrity wife, and cheats on her(there are about a dozen of those or so out there). Aren't you guys satsified with what you got?

Robert Downey Jr., for getting too many second chances.

Charle Sheen for both of the above.

Any celebrity that is a celeb for no real good reason(i.e. Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, etc.)

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As for Ted Kennedy, I made up a headstone quote for him a couple of years ago:

"Ted Kennedy: The Only Kennedy Brother America Won't Miss."

This may seem harsh for the PC crowd, but Geez Ted, drive off another bridge already...We are cringing at every one of your blinded ideology anti-U.S. speeches. You have no alternative solutions and you have become f---ing nuts. It's time to go. Either resign, or have another drink and go start the car...

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After today, add Al Gore to the list. He just went over to Saudi Arabia, home of most of the 9/11 suicide killers, and gave a paid speech for all Arabs to read about, saying how those poor terrorist suspects are being badly mistreated in custody of the evil Bush administration. confused

Good job Al! Always give the benefit of the doubt to the other side and fan the fires of Muslim hatred towards your own country. And thanks for giving an unsubstantiated claim(except in a few cases) that can be used on the next Al Quaeda recruiting tape.

As bad as Bush is becoming, Gore's lack of good judgement in this tense global time, still makes me want to thank the few thousand Floridians who were too stupid to correctly punch a voting card in 2000.

Al Gore gets the boot!

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The googoos like him so he's got good trade value.

I propose a three-way trade:

1.Gore from the U.S. to Spain (he might have a chance to get elected there)

2. Spain sends my friend Carmen Smalley to France (Carmen would get elected in a landslide there .. :-)

3. France sends Juliette Binoche eek and Julie Delpy eek to the United States ...with James' (that's me) residence used as their "Ellis Island" ..

....Geez,...I'm ALWAYS thinkin.

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