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Has anybody seen WALL-E ??


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Hi I was just wondering from any of you out there who have young children did you see the movie "WALL-E"??? It looked to me like a short-circuit redux?? Which isn't a bad thing because I always thought "Who's Johnny" was adorable. Just wonderin if you saw it and what it was like as I have young nieces/nephews that I might like to rent it for them in the future. Thanks wink

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Saw it the week it came out and loved it!

I went in not expecting much, since I saw the preveiws a few weeks earlier before the Latest Indiana Jones flick. Let's just say I was less then impressed. I wondered how they could sustain a whole feature length cartoon without dialog for most of the movie, without losing kids interest. I was wrong. I cant wait to see it again, on DVD! Highly recommended!


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