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Boots Randolph R.I.P.

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Awwww...my dad was a big fan of his too and we got to hear him play three years ago with Jimmy Sturr and his Christmas show. What a talented musician and such a gentleman. My dad brought one of his albums and happened to run into Boots before the show and they talked for a while and he signed the album.

Remember that scene in "That Thing You Do" when the Wonders are playing a band in the Rick and Anita movie and Lenny has a sax and he says "hey guys...Boots Randolph...yeahhhhhh" That was so neat!!

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OH NO!! My husband is such a HUGE fan....he used to play saxaphone in his Jr. High band...has always been a Boots fan...As a matter of fact, he just bought a DVD from Boots and he sent my husband an autographed picture.....how sad...the world has lost a wonderful musician....my hubby will be heartbroken!!! Thanks for the post Matthew!!


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Hey --- I just saw this thread, and somehow hadn't even heard! Shows how absorbed I've been lately. (Heck, I didn't even watch the All-Star Game!) Anyway, my dad and mom always had a few Boots LPs and 8-tracks around, and I've given 'em a couple of Boots CDs, so I've always had an appreciation for his style. Pretty distinctive sound.... RIP, Boots.

Here's a bit from Boots, with Floyd Cramer:


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