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Valentines Day


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I'm with you MJ !! One of my ex-boyfriends used to say..."Valentine's day is just another excuse to pick a poor man's pockets" !! I got rid of him fast ! laugh

A wise man Diane's boyfriend was. I'd probably even consider him a brother.

But wise men through history have always encountered the scorn of their contemporaries (and girlfriends). For example:



Jesus Of Nazareth

Martin Luther

Woodrow Wilson

John Bobbit

James Of EC.Com


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A quiet night in, I'm afraid. Maybe wearing a black armband and singing all my fave love songs.

But hey! IT's just another Hallmark excuse for cards anyhow, and I gave my ex mon to let the kids have their buddies all given cards, and I bought my kids cards.

Oh, I remember the origin of Valentine's Day, a monk writing love notes between people, but I am trying not to get upset over this year's lack of... man.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the sensitive guys out there! And The Raspberries!

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I had 45 Valentine's Days all alone, so know all to well how lousy it can be. I even had flowers delivered to myself at my old job one year because I wanted to "experience" all the hoopla.

I have been truly blessed with a wonderful husband now though and really enjoy the holiday now. We'll grill steaks on the "George" and cuddle on the couch. We're supposed to have snow and 40 mph winds tonight--good couch cuddling weather I'd say!

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Just thought some of you who either never truly knew or would like to a refresh on the true origin of Valentine's Day...always an interesting read :-)


Wishing everyone here "A Happy Valentine's Day" in that I hope each and everyone of you capture the dream you've been wishing for!

Much Love,


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We went out to dinner last night as I'm working this evening...I'm currently guarding my Valentines Day creation- I have these cute kitten Valentines stuck all over a mirror with a pink stuffed kitten hanging in the middle surrounded by bite-size Hersheys special dark chocolates along with a card- with the 'help' of our six curious cats. I'm literally typing this with one eye on the screen and the other eye on my mirror. Glad the wife gets off work soon...

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