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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials


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I agree with Matt--the little horse pulling the Bud wagon really tugged at my heart.

And I gotta say, the big production number with all of the dancers dressed like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. and diving onto the hamburger patty by Burger King was pretty entertaining.


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I thought they rocked! For a group of guys averaging 63...I hope I am that mobil at that age. Surely you remember when we were both living in central Illinois in the fall of 1969, the Stones stopped in Champaign, IL for a huge concert at the Assembly Hall at the Univ of IL. That was in November. They had a new member of their band to replace the recently departed Brian Jones. It was Ron Wood. Surely you were there Dar?


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FedEx Caveman. Though Bud Light did a caveman spot 20 years ago called "Quest for Light." I think there was a movie called "Quest for Fire" or something back then.

The joke was the junior caveman got sent out to find "light" and brought back "fire"; the senior cavemen said, "No we wanted BUD Light." So the junior caveman goes back out, and finds Bud Light to the approval of the senior cavemen who say, "Good! Now go get pizza!"


I liked the the Dove Commercial about girls being comfortable with their own bodies and beauty. Really.

It's part of a very powerful Dove campaign that I believe is running internationally.

I worked with the Creative Director on the Dove stuff on a campaign in a past life. Cool lady! I'm glad she had a big spot on the game.


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I was watching "Inside Edition" & the winner was the "Bud Light" commercial about the turnaround where the man was putting the beers in the refrigerator. To me, it was a close second to the "Budweiser" horses commercial. Model Brooke Burke (former "Wild On" on E! back then) was in the Burger King commercial with the king man & one of the worst behind "Pizza Hut" (Jessica Simpson). Matt

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