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Naughty or Nice ?


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I'll let you read my letter to Santa

Dear Santa

This year I have been a little naughty, but only in a nice way.

There isn't much I want...need or have a place to put it away.

This year for Christmas all I want is a Hula man,

you know the one for my dashboard.

I had one that had I put a mustache on to look like my husband.

For a while now it kept disappearing but I would always find it.

But it has been gone for three months now and I miss it.

Please Santa came you find a new for me ?


Bessieboo santa

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I'm planning on being very naughty next year lol - this past year I've been extremely nice.

Santa Baby knows what I want. But if I can't get what's on the top of my list - then I want a hula-hoop, a new Berries cd of new tunes, and happiness and prosperity for all of the band, the message board members, and all the fans all over the world. Peace! smile

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I've been a little naughty--I do a "Happy Dance" whenever anyone at work mentions that my old boss is gone. Other than that, I've been nice. I want a Raspberry-perfect year of great shows, great reviews and astronomical success for the best band in the world. And happy days for EVERYONE in the band and their families and everyone on the board.

I'm going away to do my "Happy Dance" now.

smile --Darlene

P.S. Anne--a SNIPER RIFLE???!!! You're SO funny!!!! hahahaha And I *love* it!!!!

I don't need one now, and it's a good thing I didn't have one before my supervisor left the district. eek

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OK, i am going to procrastinate some more (I have my last classes and a final tonight) and get you all back on track.

Dear Santa:

For Christmas, i would like to put in some requests for future redemption. They don't have to be under the tree.

1) tickets to a Raspberries concert that all of our boarders attend (as well as the meet and greet) and stay at the same hotel.

2) Being able to ask an intelligent question AT the meet and greet.

3)world peace

Not so much, eh? santa

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