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The Simpsons Movie - YAHOOOOOOOO


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I went to the midnight showing of the movie this morning with my kids and my nephew (after getting out of my internship at 9 p.m.!!) and LAUGHED MY A@$ OFF...holy donuts, batman, was that ever a hysterical movie. I have to see it again to catch all the little signs and stuff but I haven't laughed that hard....

OH! and during the previews, one particular trailer went:

"They came to the American music scene...

and became an overnight sensation...

they were the sound of an entire generation..."

I yelled "The Raspberries!!!"

My kids growled and yelled"no!"

It was a trailer for the Chipmunks movie!

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While I also laughed my ass off throughout this flick....I work for EPA, and we don't have any helicopters! In the real world, contractors would have not only manufactured the dome (and overcharged us and taxpayers for it!), but helicoptered it to Springfield as well......("least successful government agency", my ass!!!....even under this current administration, we can't claim that! Anyone ever heard of FEMA or any other of those agencies absorbed into DHS? Also - I doubt Bush even knows who the head of EPA is....he's not allowed to sit at the big table in Cabinet meetings!)

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