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uh oh!


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Congratulations to the happy couple ! I wish them many, many years of love and happiness.

So, Julia, how's everything going with the bakery ?? I hardly ever see you here. You MUST be busy....your cakes aren't only beautiful, they're SO YUMMY !! spinhappy

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thanks, everyone. According to them, the wedding isn't going to be for at least 2 yrs, but who knows... they live together, my son bought a house in October and Trish and her kids (not my sons kids) moved in with him.

No, I'm not a grandmother, and probably never will be, Trish feels "she's done", her youngest is 8, the oldest 10, and my son really never cared if he had kids or not. Trish isn't the healthiest person, either, she's got Lupus, and I think being satisfied with two healthy, happy kids is a good decision. The kids just call me Julia, I feel they've got two real grandmothers, and they deserve the title and all that goes with it.

Marlene, my store is closed, possibly for good. All the rain we had in June/July was too much for the roof of the building, which was flat, and unless I find a reasonably priced place, which isn't looking promising, that's that. The place I used to work is after me to come back, and I'm considering it. I'm sure I'll be making the wedding cake tho, unless they listen to my suggestion to have the wedding in Disney World. smile

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Hey Julia, congrats on the upcoming nuptials..whenever they may be!

I am so sorry to hear about your store...I know the rains were torrential and some of the houses here in my neighborhood (including an expensive brand new one)have flat roofing. They were up there with brooms.

Will we see you at WAB?

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Congratulations, Julia! 2 yrs is fine --just as long as they don't elope!!

There may not be a reasonable store location for you now, but I'm sure one will appear when the time is right.

Annie --that neighbor must have been a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. No other sane reason to have a flat roof in the northeast!!


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