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I wonder if the newest member.....


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I suspect it's more likely classical musician/composer David Bashwiner, mentioned below (see link at the bottom of the page) -


Hats off to the rough & tumble crowd who trekked through something between sleet and Armageddon to come out for last night's salon. Presentations ranged from the propagandistic to Gotan Project-esque (the world premiere of Charlie Williams' group, Truco, to my great mirth featured an instrument that mimics a Bandoneón but has no bellows and is operated by blowing into a tube that connects to a weird piano-looking thing, making the player of this contraption look like a brain in a vat). David Bashwiner completed his lecture series "3 Interesting Pop Songs" with a brief look at "All By Myself," which, in an odd twist of fate, is owned by the Rachmaninoff estate. Finally, a guest appearance from Alberta's Emma Hooper, a wonderful reader of her own writings."

Or could this just be a coincidence?...Or are David Bash and David Bashwiner one and the same???


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