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Joe the Plumber doesn't have a license..


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He's not registered to vote?

What happened ...ACORN didn't bribe him with cigarettes to register under the names of the starting front line of the "Buckeyes"? crazyspineye

Oh wait.....they registered him as Woody Hayes.

BTW.....Sen. Obama would look really good in a NY Met uniform...because he's starting to lose a HUGE lead with a few weeks to go.

GALLUP's 'traditional' likely voter model shows Obama with a two-point advantage over McCain on Thursday 10/16/08, 49% to 47%, this is within poll's margin of error...


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LOL, Obamas tax plan supports Joe the Plumber, or the alleged Plumber in his circumstances. It is completely and totally bogus to say, "when I make $250,000 someday and I have a business of my own your plan could affect me." What a crock of s---. An absurd hypothetical, in other words a mistruth. You might as well say someday when I am a millionaire I wont be happy if your plan wants more taxes from me! Surprised so many suckers fell for the bait.

Joe made repeatedly $48,000 last year. Obamas plan has him covered, a tax break to help him and hopefully to his eventual plans someday of having his own business. The manner in which this was distorted and played out to accomodate neo-con fabrications is unbelievable. I loved when McCain actually turned to the camera during the final Presidential debate and addressed Joe. He didnt know this guy from Adam. Using Joe. For his own ends. Unbelievably pathetic, even creepy:

" Joe Im going to help you get that Plumbing Business. Im in your corner. Im going to fight against these Commie tax plans and get you the cheap loans you need for that Plumbing Company.

After the credit crunch ofcourse Joe. But first, youre going to need a licence. Which means first youre going to need a Journeyman's card. But who cares for details Joe, I certainly dont. This is a time for hope, for not taking your tax dollars and giving them to ACORN members. NO my friend, we can even start that plumbing business together. You, me, Sarah maybe if she gets her act together. We can clean out the Washingon toliet together, just a group of plumbing mavericks willing to go up to our elbows in poop for America."


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Your point about someone saying 'Someday when I own my own business and I make $250,000.00 a year as being "bogus" says much more about you than it does Joe the plumber. I would rather have a country full of Joe the plumber's than Raspberrywine's anyday. BTW, you have no idea what you are talking about regarding a plumbing license in Ohio. It's embarrassing to read. I own a business...do you? Have you ever owned one? Do you have any understanding of what your talking about?

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If you think Obama's promise to give tax credits to 95% of Americans, when we have such dwindling tax revenues and rising national debt, is a promise he can actually keep, well, my friend, you are as wrong...as a male stripper at a Rachel Maddow Birthday Bash...

Check out Bill Clinton's tax-cut campaign promise in '92 and his somber retraction in '93.

Hmmmmmm...Sounds familiar...Duh.

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Youre missing the important logical points, instead prefering to turn it into attack on me. Dont tell me, youre a Republican, right? Hollies honest, I dont know Reverend Wright and I never have received support from ACORN or any Socialist organizations whatsoever.

Yes I know alot about business and running them. More than I even care to describe. Bt youre right, I do not know about the details of plumbing licences in Ohio though I take it John McCain certainly does what with the conviction, sincerity, and knowledge base that he spoke to Joe with on these issues!

LOL, John McCain wouldnt know a plumber's wrench from a wrenched back. He wouldnt know a toliet drain from a drain on the economy.


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John McCain was a fighter pilot. My guess is he's the kind of guy who could fix his own toilet...if he could physically do it...which is questionable, considering his condition. I have a good idea who could not handle a pipe wrench.

I'll bet Obama can weigh stuff out in grams and ounces though.

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I am Mrs. Joe the Plummer, and I don't feel need to justify how much how or why Joe earns his pay check.

But I will say he worked his butt off and scrimped and saved and did things others did not want to do to earn his pay.

I am tired of paying for the guy next door who chose not to work the extra hours.

The guy next door chose to find creative financing to move into a home he could not afford and to charge the furniture on a zero interest loan that he still could not afford but took these things anyways.

These Are real people with real bills that you and I must now pay.

I believe in paying taxes, it is what keeps our country moving and provides for the elderly and truly needy .

But,I am sorry but I am tired of huge amounts of taxes we pay, and I do not not to add additional taxes to my bill for social programs.

BTW - Who are the middle class ?

I keep hearing decreasing numbers ?

What are the numbers

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More character assasination, innuendo, and libel. Gee Hollies at least your consistent with the behaviors McCain and other Repblican puppets!! Maybe if McCain wins he'll offer you a Cabinet post. Fixing the cabinets that is or perhaps Secretary of Disinformation. LOL, you have more distortion in you than Jimi Hendrix's guitar sound did!!


Paid for by the Holies Subcommittee on Fair Play for Far Right Propaganda.

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I'm happy that Barrack was exposed to certain influences during his youth. It makes him more of a well-rounded individual.

Well, except the fact that too many of the influences and the people who fed him the ideology he still quietly embraces...ARE EXTREME, COUNTER-AMERICAN AND WILL ONLY MAKE THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS WORSE!

America is only now starting to see that now, because Obama and his team have kept his old speeches and interviews under wraps, and the mostly left media didn't have the desire to fully investigate "their guy".

It might be too late.

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