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Val...I think Styxx has definitely not been the same since you left....I could swear his bark has a trace of a Canadian accent and yesterday when I came home the T.V. was on and he was sitting in the living room watching the Toronto Maple Leafs play the New York Rangers.Weird!-Ira.!

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Dudley was a 'save', as are all of our animals. He weighed about 125 pounds when we got him. He looked like an over-sized greyhound. We worked through years of physical abuse and health issues, and he gave us 11 years of loyal companionship.

Never had to worry about bears or coyotes when we lived in the mountains. To play with him was akin to being tackled by an NFL linebacker. Most of the time he just layed around looking doofy, barely raising an eyebrow unless you called his name.

He never really got over his shyness from the beatings he received as a puppy, but I know he appreciated our home. As much as we gave him, it's not surprising to know we got way more in return. I think 'saves' just seem to know. It's been more than a year since he died, and we still haven't gotten another dog. Maybe some day...

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Ira, to answer your question, Jim and I have a golden retriever named Abby. She is our second golden and absolutely the best dog we've ever had. She had ACL surgery this past May so we made sure we kept her activity low key until she healed. She is back to her old self now!

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