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"Dogs Is Good"


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I know people have often talked about their pets...But I just gotta reiterate that nothin' beats the love of a good dog...and there is truly a sub-culture of people who walk their dogs regularly in the same places and greet eachother every day knowing they share something special...A "Love So Right".

As we get older...There is nothing more important than to "Stop And Smell The Roses Every Day".(Mac Davis).The love of a pet is a reason to embrace life and put everyday hassles aside.

"Dogs Is Good" heartpump -Ira.

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Ira......that unconditional love of a dog is wonderful. Sheba, our 70 lb female fawn boxer, always cracks me up. She's such a clown!

and Daisy...my daughter Megan has a guinea pig named Pudge. That thing stands on his house in his cage @ 630AM each day and awaits his food from me. He's a nutcase as well...


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"Kiwi is Good" laughheartpumpLuvLove

We don't have a dog or a Cat

Muzza cool

Psssst Muzz, it's me James!! And gosh, while I agree with your post, Kiwi will take it as comparing her to a dog!! You know how chicks are.

I'll call for an ambulence ahead of time. Or maybe a hearse would make more sense..


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Thanks Anna.

I've posted this before...But every night I walk my dog Styxx thru the neighborhood and the park behind my house.

I take a thermos with a little Coca Cola and a little Scotch and we both look forward to it..."Winter,spring,summer or fall." (Carole King)

"You don't know what it's like to love somebody" (BeeGees)..The way we love our dogs! smile -Ira.

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Rich ...my brother had a Keeshond named Max. He has since passed. What a beautiful, sweet breed. They are FANTASTIC with children....and tend to herd the little ones.

and Ira... you know I love ya' but as an Irishman myself...why in the world do you ruin the scotch with coca-cola? Just add ice. LOL wink


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