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Cleveland Cavaliers.....


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This certainly appears to be the year where everything's falling in place for the Cavs.

And, taking nothing away from them or their great year.......could somebody, anybody, PLEASE explain why the Pistons, who made the Eastern finals what, the past 6 years, hired that idiot Curry as a coach, and then made possibly the worst trade in the history of the NBA, sending Chauncy Billups to Denver for the one-man team-wrecking crew, Allen Iverson? The results - a team in total disarray, first time in 8 or 9 years Detroit won less than 50, an overall losing record, and Denver looks like the best team in the West aside from LA, with Billups getting some 3rd & 4th place votes for MVP....

Mind you, they wouldn't have beaten Cleveland anyway, but they certainly would have won more than 39, finished higher than the 8th seed, and might have provided the Cavs some actual competition!

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