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One year ago........


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On this day at 2.00pm Kiwi and I left New Zealand for the USA. To say that was the beginning of an amazing three weeks almost seems an understatement.

The first Raspberries/Eric Carmen fan we meet was Reid C at LA airport and the next was that wonderful man Ira.

Than the day at WAB meeting so many of you and then Eric and Jim and wives turning up tagging along with Al Kaston was the Icing on the Cake. Thanks guys for a wonderful day. I still wake up at night with the image of Tunesy and Lew in their grass skirts though laugh

Then after sight seeing with Ira, AnnieK (and Daughter) off to Chicago and Kathy Lee. Thanks for organising the WAB Off Campus at the Hard Rock Cafe and with it the chance to meet more great people.

Then we moved on south to Nashville and our good friend John Lemonis and family. More great experiences which we treasure.

We can hardly believe it was a year ago today that those wonderful experiences commenced.

Muzza and Kiwi

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Meeting you and Kiwi was an experience I'll never forget, along with WAB 5-O!!! That it all became Eric's birthday party made it even more magical!

Your coming to the USA, just like Julia Heard's and Wim Vriezen's before you, was another fabulous celebration of the EC.com family from around the world! My life is richer for knowing our new friends from across the sea as well as all the other EC.com-ers.

Time flies, but friends and memories last forever. SO GLAD to be able to count you and Kiwi Marilyn as my friends!!!

smile --Love, Darlene

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