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Happy Big 5-0, Danny !! spin

This birthday is only the beginning of amazing things to come to amazing you !! You’ve reached the Milestone ! It’s your AARP birthday !! You are now entitled to a Middle Age Meltdown ! Party Hardy on your special day !! laugh

Famous 50th birthday quotes:

“Fifty is the ultimate "F" wordâ€

“After fifty everything that doesn't hurt doesn't workâ€

“We are born naked, wet & hungry, then things get worseâ€

“Middle age: Later than you think, and sooner than you expectedâ€

You share your special day with Patty Smyth, Billy Davis, Larry Taylor and Mick Jones

On this day in music history, the album, "A Hard Day’s Night," was released by The Beatles; the album, "Big River" became the first soundtrack album to be recorded in Nashville, TN and Elvis Presley's final concert took place at Market Square Arena, Indianapolis.

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To my Danny...one of the first people I got to know on this board before I even knew this board existed. Can we say: MYSPACE?

You have a heart of gold. You were so kind to check up on me when I went to Cleveland "all by myself." (oops-I think I owe Eric royalties on that) You took me in as one of your friends without even knowing me. YOU have a blessed soul and *I* am blessed to know that soul!

Love you dear Danny - Happy Birthday!


PS: 26 is my fave number!

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