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hollies, i haven't been on the boards lately...


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& btw, 'comrade austin'? if u r gonna play by your own rules of 'name-calling is for kindergartners' when i called palin 'vapid' or something, u failed the litmus here

i'm onto ya, h65, i'm onto ya..

like water off my feathers tho'; for lightening the tedium, go check my reply to your post in 'dont get any funny ideas..' thread

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Oh dear. I heard about the fraud. ACORN of course is at the bottom of one big case of it. Their paid people registered the Dallas Cowboys and many other fictitious characters to vote.

This is disgusting. It's so funny--you never see Republicans making up names to register. Winning any way you can is so dishonorable. When people like that are in control of the country we will be a nation of NO honor.

Of course, giving another 37 billion to AIG immediately after the govt finds out that they went on a spa holiday with $440,000+ of it and spent it all in a week shows that there's not much honor left. And NO sense at all.

This whole bailout is nothing more than a big power/money orgy where nothing is sacred nor honorable and anything goes. Don't know what to do about a problem, just throw money at it. That's what they do in the public schools of inner cities. The boards of ed go on a casino junket with all the money and nothing gets fixed.

Ain't that a little bit like now? (to quote an old Association song).

frown --D

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