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Best Acting Performances In A Movie


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Ben Kingsley , "Ghandi"

Denzel Washington , Malcolm X

Mike Myers , the movie "Studio 54" was just ok but Myers performance playing the owner/ringleader of the club stood out as exceptional.

Lastly, in " Ben-Hur ", the portrayal of the Jesus character was minimal and subtle..was accomplished without an actor playing the part....but was the most moving portrayal by far of any of the Jesus stories (caveat: I still have not seen "Passion Of The Christ")

You Guys?

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just a few...

orson welles "citizen kane" or "third man" or "touch of evil"

james dean "east of eden" & "rebel w/out a cause"

peter finch "network"

jimmy stewart "it's a wonderful life"

jason robards "all the president's men" & "magnolia"

natalie portman "beautiful girls"

anne bancroft "the graduate"

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Natalie Portman in "The Professional," when she was only about 12 or 13 years old. Riveting, mature performance from a little girl. And she was beautiful. Very edgy film--I don't know if I would let a 13 year old daughter do it if I had one, but she performed brilliantly and showed her wealth of acting acumen at a very tender age. I believe there's a longer French (?) version with uncut scenes under an alternate French title, but I saw the cut American version as titled above, and it was haunting.

smile --Darlene

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