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Note to any contributors who have NOT received your complementary copy of Reflections: Side 3,

you should have received it long ago. If not, contact me right away so I can rectify the situation.

And to those of you who have purchased it and enjoy it, thanks a bunch! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your relatives, aw heck ... tell everybody!

To those of you who purchased it and aren't enjoying it, drink more beer! The more beer you drink, the better we sound! crazylaugh

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Just wanted to let those who care know, that a check on behalf of all of the artists who contributed to the Berries Tribute CD Project, will be sent to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation on Monday morning. All of the artists who contributed will be listed in the letter sent to VH1. Thank you to all of the writers & musicians for your efforts, thanks to the board members who took the time to respond with your comments and thoughts. Thanks to Dave Smalley and Kay Bryson for letting me know their thoughts on the project. Much thanks to Don Krider & John Borack (Popdude)for their positive reviews on the cd and getting the word out to the masses. And last but not least, thanks to Howard & Marvin for letting me play in the sandbox with you. I had a blast. It's now time to take my toys & go home laugh .

If anyone is interested there are about 26 copies left and they can be purchased at www.nwrstudio.com/raspberriestribute.

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