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Reflections: Side 3/Songs From The Raspberries Fan Community


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I just got mine today! Thanks, guys, it's great! Such a fine "bouquet" of songs for a Raspberries tribute! It's terrific to hear the music (and voices) of some of our own stars on the board, as well as that of Kyle Vincent, Jesse Bryson and others. I'm listening to it now and I love it!

Great job on the insert booklet (who says cds can't be as beautiful and informative as albums!) and beautiful packaging! Kudos to everyone involved!

smile --Darlene

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I'm-a diggin' this Razzaberries tribute cd too. I'm-a so proud a my nephew, Tony, for his songa, "Summer of '83!"

Antonio, I must admit I'm-a shocked to hear-a you singa about that-a naughty, naked girl you romped and covorted-a with alla through Sicilia that summer!

Mamma Mia! Ifa the song wasn't so good, I'd-a beat you with some wet pasta! But-a I can't. The songa--she's-a great! And so is-a your voice! (I think you get-a that from your Grandpa Carlo. He used to sell-a fish in Naples.)

smile --Love, Aunt Antonietta

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My own copy arrived today... I've seen it before, thanks to the test versions Mike was kind enough to send out to Marv and I, but it's a definite rush to see a pristine shrink-wrapped CD, a REAL PRODUCT, along with Mike's excellent packaging.

I'm inclined to not even open it...almost...

What a thrill. Thanks, Mike and Marv!


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