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Happy "Purim"


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Tonight the holiday of Purim begins for those of the Jewish faith.

It celebrates the triumph of "Good Over Evil" in ancient Persia where the evil Haman tries to exterminate the Jewish people and does not succed..

The story has a female heroine in Queen Esther (A heroine in a biblical tale is pretty neat)...and is celebrated today with costumes,carnivals,noisemakers,etc....and is only one of 2 holidays where the Synagogue "ROCKS"!

So...in these troubled times...when we all need to believe that good will triumph over evil...and when we all need to "ROCK"...I wish all of you a Happy Purim....and bring you a pretty good version of "AL HANIISSIM"...translation...(In Celebration of...) "All The Miracles And All The Wondrous Things".


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Anyone see the new Eugene Levy and Christopher Guest film?, it was great social commentary and satire when Holywood changed their film name from "Home for Purim" to "Home for Thanksgiving."

Funny, funny film.

Happy Purim to all for sure!! Too many good people being forced to remain silent these days for political reasons, reasons of power, or otherwise. Goodness will only prevail if good people have to courage to express themselves.

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I could write a "Please Excuse Tony From Work"... note to your boss Tony.

Tangent...Do you remember when Juan Epstein on "Welcome Back Kotter" used to bring in excuse notes signed by "Epstein's Mother"?

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