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It's been awhile...


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Well, WE'VE been missing YOU! It seems like forever since I've heard from you, Jeff! I'm so glad to hear you're back here again. I know last time we spoke you were struggling with your job situation. I'm so sorry to hear this is still such a nightmare for you. Drop me a line when you're able!

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sorry to hear about you job woes jeff..it is brutal out there..i'm job searching too right now,it doesnt look good at the music store ive been at,so im started looking again..im part time at the store and teaching guitar on the side and gigging once in awhile to pay bills..your luck is bound to change..hang in there!!! good to hear from you!!!! lol,chris

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Jeff, take it from an under-achiever like me: Much of our lot in life can be attitude! We must be willing to make the changes neccessary to adjust to the changing times and get an edge in the job market. Sharpen or learn a new skill. Stop the bad habits, either mentally or physically, that are keeping you in the same rut.

Learn somehow believe in yourself more, get a little cocky, and things should look up for the future.

Maybe we could start with changing your member name from "Poor4Life"(Hello, Negative Nelly?) to...maybe..."MiddleClassStud"?

Just an idea... wink

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Jeff, Positive vibes are being sent to you right now along with best wishes for a change in your life for the better. Take Mr. Cartmill's advice. He's a great friend to have when the chips are down, as are all the people on the board I've met.

We have missed you so much! Stay connected and you'll stay "up." My husband was very down when he lost his job. He was at the critical age when he'd make it through 1000 applicants to two people, then they'd give it to the younger guy.

Keep your chin up. Something MUCH better is out there for you, if you believe! And believe in yourself, because you're "hot stuff"!

Just stay around--we'll keep ya smiling!

smile --Darlene

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The best advice is from people who don't judge - and look what riches have befallen you!!!! I am entering the job market after a 20 year absence into a brand new field filled with uncertainty (financially from week to week) with loans to pay off. I am exhilarated and scared to death...

but, I am with you, brother!!!! DREAM BIG OR GO HOME.

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Thanks for all your kind thoughts everyone.


Sounds like your starting on some adventure! lol

So I know what you mean by bieng "scared to death"


I've been through the samr thing as your husband. They string you along for weeks, then after SEVERAL interviews it's given to someone else.


you never fail to crack me up! lol

I actually tried the "career change" tactic back in Feb. Signed up at DeVry for Computer graphics, then less then a month before classes were to srart I get turned down for the grant I needed to attend. I'm not giving up on that, it's just on the backburner for now.


No i dont think we've "met" as you said. Looks like you joined when I was in "sabbatical". Thanks for the encouragement!


It definitely is brutal. Worse then 4 years ago when I was laid off. Ive had a grand total of 3 interviews, one of them where my wife works. I still didnt get the job. After interveiwing me, they decided there wasnt enough payroll to hire anyone!

Kathy Lee,

I havent forgotten you, and am still grateful for all your help last fall. I've been meaning to EMail you, and will soon!


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Hey Jeff...I've been in those situations too throughout life's journey. Keep trying and stay positive...things will definitely change for you. Think good thoughts...they will find their way back to you.

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