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Why We Love Dianed


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Sometimes, "life" has a way of interrupting "living"...We go about our daily routines in almost a robotic fashion, not necessarilly living but EXISTING...Then, our very core of emotion and resolve gets tested by some unwelcomed circumstances that we neither bargained for and are unable to negotiate/navigate back to any reasonable sense of balance...We've all been there...Some of us are, unfortunately, there now...Its during these times that you can spin out of control or slowly evolve back into a sense of normalcy, although it will never be quite as "normal" again...It's not easy: but it becomes a defining moment in your life...Its sink or swim...And I was fortunate enough to have a "teacher" thrown my way, at an unexpected time...Dianed has taught me a few life's lessons that she learned the hardway herself...Through her friendship and dedication, she has shown me temperance when I was impetuous,structure when I was chaotic and focus when I was stunned...I still fall backwards on occasion, but she is right there to pick me up emotionally and set me on the right track again...Friends like this are hard to find and should a treasure like this befall your way, make sure you express thanks and gratitude in a way that I am attempting to do so now...

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I've not met anyone on this site in person. I'm really looking forward to changing that Dec. 14th in Cleveland. I lurk more than I post because (a) I don't have a lot of free time and (b)I type way slower than I think (and I don't think THAT fast!)

I feel like I know most of the regulars...I guess I feel a kinship since we're all EC fans. Seems everybody here is "good people".

I've always enjoyed the humor of Lew, Paulie and many others here. I've traded barbs with Lew before and on rare occasions, I have been known to be a smarta** myself.

Lew...I hate what you're going through right now but that was a GREAT post. On a site full of great posts...that one's special...well said my friend.

Dianed...I wouldn't know you if I passed you on the street. Don't know about "hot" but you must be one special lady for Lew to say all those things. You should be very proud that another person thinks that highly of you (even if you wouldn't marry him at WAB). But, like I said, I think everybody here is pretty special.

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