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Latest Outrage about Michael Vick


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I just heard that Michael Vick, currently serving 23 months in Leavenworth for his dogfighting exploits, may get close to a year shaved off his sentence if he participates in a drug rehab program while in prison!

If this is true, I'm wondering if his lawyers took a calculated risk and asked (or suggested) that Vick smoke marijuana and deliberately get a positive drug test while under house arrest. Rumor has it he was going to get 12-18 months anyway, but the judge allegedly added the extra time, bringing his total to 23 months, due to the positive drug test.

Under Federal law, the time has to be fully served, less a possible 15% time off for good behavior. However, successfully passing the prison's drug rehab program apparently automatically shaves off a year, regardless of the length of sentence...to qualify for the program, all one needs is one positive drug test. The net result of this - Vick may wind up missing a lot less playing time in the NFL than he originally thought he would!

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Of course, his trial for the Virginia state charges related to dogfighting is still coming up.....

Once out, I'm also confident that he'll be a model citizen...just as he was, pre-trial (truck registered in his name used for marijuana distribution, lawsuit over knowingly giving a woman genital herpes, giving Atlanta fans not one but two fingers (middle ones on each hand) aside.....)....

(Anyone know where I can sign up to smoke pot and be rewarded for getting caught?)

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calling animal lovers here!! how would u feel towards this "person" if it happened to your dog OR cat for that matter..they do use both of them as bait to make them more aggressive if u were not aware a spart of the "training"..they will steal your animal in a heartbeat for this..yet alone the strays wondering around..now,what do u think about mr. vick and his lil side business?? ..yeah,that's what i thought..can u tell this raises my blood pressure?? ..chris

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A recent episode of CSI dealt with dogfighting. I watched enough to get the plot, but there were certain scenes where I had to switch channels.

How would I feel had an animal of mine been involved? I can't even go there. Ira's son would chastise me, for sure.


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