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What Was On Your Christmas Day Menu?

The Kiwi Connection

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Because we're "Nosy Kiwi's" we were wondering what ya'll had to eat for your Christmas Day Meals.

Due to the warm weather here we don't have a lot of hot food.Our Christmas Fare was....

Fresh Prawns done in Garlic Butter.

Hot Roast NZ(of course) Lamb with Mint Sauce and Gravy.

Boiled New Potatoes tossed in butter and parsley.


Lettuce Salad.

Christmas Pudding and Cream.

Mini Pavlova's with blueberries, raspberries and whipped cream.

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Well, let's see. There was a LOT of food. Prime rib, Alaskan king crab legs with drawn butter, corn casserole, creamed onions, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, romaine salad with walnuts, grapes and bleu cheese... that doesn't count the hors d'oeurves. I'm told there's a pumpkin pie somewhere, but thank goodness I haven't seen it! I think I've had enough for one day. Sure was good, though.

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Clams, shrimp, chicken franchese and veal with spinach.....I think someone said there was salad as well (never saw it) smile . OOoh I forgot my sister-in-law's sausage bread. Also mozzarella/prosciutto wrap. Man...we'll have to do extra cardio this week.

My daughters and their creeky old dad (Me) made tri-color cookies.....yummy.

More importantly, nephews were in from college, family was happy & healthy.....and grateful for each other's love.

Bonnie & John

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Everyone talks about having "Green Bean Casserole"

what is it and how do you make it? Could someone please PM or email me the recipe!!

We've noticed that mashed potatoes seem to be the order of the day. If I served up mashed potatoes for Christmas Dinner I'd have a "mutiny" on my hands. Traditionally here we have Boiled New Potatoes,(with skins on) tossed in butter and chopped parsley, and Roasted Old Potatoes.

When you say "Prime Rib" do you mean Steaks or Roast Beef?

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My Christmas Day Menu was;

1) Having the use on this computer, this laptop and getting use to, especially coming back on here, E.c.. com

it's sure great!

here it is: my menu: 1 zebras, a statue,

2) cd-singles collection of Roy Orbison

3) a water-color set from my friends in the building, 3) a gift certificate at a local art store for 50.00

4) from down the hall in my apt-, a gift basket of goodies


oes,Chocolate,crackers and peanuts re.planters, Lol

2 christmas cake loafs, oh my huh

1 gone already,lol

more friends than ever. am closer to the lord than ever before, with friends from aroud the world in this building, understanding each language, one by one.

Learning all cultures of living.

There you go guys, my good friends on here.

Hope you like it

Have a great day all, only one week on here, then it's it.

Til Spring, I start going to the library to use their computer.

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Stone crab claws, garlicky shrimp, lemon potatoes, green salad, asparagus, smoked beef brisket, smoked sausage, smoked turkey breast (can you tell what my brother received as an early Christmas gift),Happy Birthday Jesus cake, Christmas cookies, flan..... Cheese platter, lobster spread with crackers and many bottles of wine and beer.

here you go Kiwi Green Bean Casserole


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my sister-in-law did christmas eve dinner: irish smoked salmon andbrown bread, cheese tray and stuffed mushrooms for appetizers then mixed geen salad with gorgonzola, dried cranberries and walnuts, then lobster tails and filet mignon. Chocolate mousse and pecan pie for dessert.

THEN: 12 hours later at my house, we had Irish breakfast: brioche (My 16 year old daughter got a kitchenaid stand mixer for christmas a day early) brown bread, irish pork sausages, white and black pudding and rashers (irish bacon) eggs,marmalade and coffee and tea.

then later on - pomegranate martinis before dinner which was a massive smoked ham with port wine, red currant jam and orange glaze, sweet potatoes oven fries, and roasted green beans with shallots. A Buche de Noel and fruitcake for dessert. and wine.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Tradition: orange rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree w/ candles to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus (for all of the little ones to learn)

Dinner: corn soup, chicken divan, orange spiced yams, veggies and rice in chicken parmesan sauce, swiss corn casserole, herbed green beans almondine, baked manicotti (from my DIL), cherries jubilee mold, pumpkin ginger bread, candycane cake, and assorted homemade cookies and candies (from friends)

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When you say "Prime Rib" do you mean Steaks or Roast Beef?


In our house prime rib means Roast beef with the ribs (or you can buy boneless). It's kinda like the cut of meat that's a rack of lamb(which I also love!) but only from a cow instead of a lamb. Also, mashed potatoes- one of America's best comfort foods. Hope this helps.

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