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Media Hypocrosy

Paulie Mississippi

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I've spent the bulk of the morning listening to one commentator after another bemoan the fact that NBC chose to air the videos and pictures of the VT gunman who committed such attrocities earlier this week. They point out that the other networks are all in concert with questioning NBC's motives and decision making.

But one fact remains; the killer sent the package to NBC. Not ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN or any of the other pseudo-news stations. NBC was forced to make the decision; the others can stand their moral ground and accost NBC for choosing the wrong path. And though I do not agree with NBC choosing to show this punk on television, I cringe at the mountains of crap being dumped on them by people who would have, given the choice and their track records, made exactly the same decision had the gunman sent the tapes to ABC, CBS or any of the other major networks.

Or is it just me?

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I agree paulie....if the other stations had received the same package....you better well believe they'd have done the same thing. A little jealousy spurring this on, no doubt. And honestly, we live in such a "need to know" age, and even though we find ourselves appauled, "we" also find ourselves wanting to watch. So DID NBC do the right thing? Sure they did. If they didn't, someone else would have "leaked" it and it would have been everywhere anyway!!

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well,something needs to be done to try and stop these wackos in their tracks..could it be a learning tool for people to watch this video to see the reality of the mentally ill in this country..the warnings,signs..etc,in order to put a stop to these horrible tragedies? i don't have the answer,but we as people cannot/should not tolerate this suffering anymore..our goverment sure as hell is'nt doing anything!! apparentlly the states either..lol,chris

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