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All those travelling to WAB today please be advised that Muzza will be driving my silver Honda Accord today down Route 9 South and on Washington Avenue in the Sayreville/Parlin vicinity between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.,today Saturday August 11th 2007.

Muzza has a tendency to drive on the left side of the road and to stop suddenly when spotting livestock in "paddocks" and reminisce about home eek .

Please drive carefully if you wiill be following a similar route to WAB today.

Thank You.

Ira and Lorie.

Ira and Lorie.

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Now I guess that those of you who know Ira will know that there is no way he is goin to let this little kiwi guy drive his car to WAB.

It's a nice thought and it could be fun but then we may have to get Kathy and Bernie to have a resuscitation unit available at their place to bring the passenger's in the car around.

And I've yet to see what I consider a paddock since being in New Jersey!!

Still ya never know what might take eventuate!!!

Muzza cool

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