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Sexiest Man on TV


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I have a hard time picking "sexy" guys for you gals, but I do seem to remember a few television appearances by a guy named Eric Carmen... wink

Yes all of the women here know that Eric is handsome, sexy, etc... but we are talking about other men who we perceive as sexy and it isn't ALL about the physical appearance. wink
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Yeah, Laura, I'll second that nomination of David James Elliott!

Dennis Haysbert from The Unit (although the other two leads aren't too shabby either!)

Although his personal life is questionable, I still think Tom Cruise is attractive and a great actor.

Skeet Ulrich

Have you ladies seen Blair Underwood on The New Adventures of Old Christine? He looks even better than he did years ago on L.A. Law!

I still adore William Shatner. I'm telling you, for me it's all in the eyes and smile!

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Speaking of Star Trek, remember how on the planet Vulcan that a man could only "be" with a female vulcan after he had proven himself by victoriously fighting another to the death? She gets to pick the opponent. She sits there and watches the combat. I guess they don't have television and football on Vulcan.

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