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R.I.P. Jim McKay - Greatest Sportscaster Ever!

Paul Davie

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I'll sure never forget it. I'll also never forget being at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1996 and seeing him in the next section over with his crew, eating ice cream bars when he wasn't on the air.

Many a Saturday sports afternoon and many an Olympics spent watching with his voice threading it all together.

RIP, Jim!

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Jim McKay R.I.P.

His live coverage of the '72 Munich Olympics during the terrorist hostage incident against members of the Israeli team was incredible television journalism which transcended the world of sport. "There's nobody left. They're all gone." How haunting those words are even now. I recall being twelve in '72 and McKay discussing how the Israeli athletes who were killed at the Olympics were forever connected with their kin who were killed during the Nazi regime one generation earlier.

May his spirit forever be "scanning the globe".


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He WAS sports for me growing up. It's a shame he died just before The Belmont. Horse racing was his favorite. I'll be bet Big Brown wins today, thanks to a little bit of Jim's spirit from above!


I agree! He was the epitomy of broadcasters - he did it with style and class.


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He was the best! In fact, the whole ABC crew was excellent! Something got lost when NBC outbid ABC for the Olympics coverage....it just wasn't the same without McKay, Keith Jackson, etc....which is why I watch Canadian coverage of the Olympics nowadays......

But when ABC had it, they were second to none!

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